At HA POTTERY we do factory direct importers of a unique range of superior quality hand crafted pots, urns, planters, statues, water features and boutique garden décor.


Modern lifestyle changes in recent years have seen common garden pots evolve from boring and often ugly containers for plants , to highly regarded and often practical fashion components in almost any outdoor / indoor setting.


Some major contributing factors include (in no particular order)


* Drought (water restrictions currently exist in most states of Australia)

* Home owners/builders are opting for smaller back yards.

* A large increase in apartments dwellings.

* Television renovation programs (encouraging makeovers, paving areas etc.)

* More retailers (availability)


As a result there's now a myriad of textures, designs, colours & sizes available.


Are you fussier than most when it comes to choosing décor for your home ?


Selecting pots and garden décor can be very time consuming, particularly if your looking for something different than the more common pots widely available. Driving from one garden centre to the other can cost a lot in petrol and time. It can also be very disappointing when you can't find what you are looking for. "Oh and did you remember to measure up the area before leaving home ?"


As living spaces become smaller, it’s even more important to consider size and layout carefully when making design decisions. Easy to read specifications in our web catalogue can be used as a guide when you’re measuring up at home. Professionals such as landscaper’s, landscape designers, interior designers and architects will also find this facility useful.

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